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Ep. 1. “Vidja & The App-Geist” — PART 1

(STORY: Helping the modern business maven to stay “en-muse”/ VARIATE INNOVA approaches to app-FRIENDING for Business) Image: by .

“Wake up. WAKE UP!”

“You leh-zee nur-good excuse for an entrwhep!-pen-hur!”

Who said that?!

Oh… yet another app! This particular one on my phone.

Most likely the one I loaded last night. Why are they always so eager? “Eager”. The word that should describe all apps. Fricken EAGER !

Yes, eager to pre-empt anything else in my fabulous existence with the “unheard-ofs”: “Click here to complete your email verification”- to wake you up. And…the obligatory “Free trial for 14 days” spewed after another “unheard-of”- that of an audible KLEEP BEEP / KLEEP BEEP… you know… just to get you straight while you run to the shower — because you’re not late... again.

And the home you’re waking up in, may not be a castle…yet. However, mornings have taught you to hold tight to the fact, that some form of pace will be generated by the apps you call “friends”.

You may be an entrepreneur or someone with an amazing idea, or you're just waiting to bust out of what they call the “corporate cacoon” because seemingly everything you say in meetings is somehow- another “unheard-of”.

“Corporate Cacoon” — Which butterfly was it, and what?!… There was just no bug spray for an insect the size of anywhere? Really?

Is there no app for that? Oh my bad…

Cos’ that’s about the only thing I can think of, that could possibly use a cacoon the size of the one I have spent the past 13 years of my professional life in. Great fun, yes. Lotsa space to grow…Ha! You get what you create. Hardwork and seeking out good opportunities to latch onto is required. You’ll need faith too. For the prejudicial momnets ahead, and just the political nonsense you may come across, in some cases. However — overall… Be Cool.

And when you can’t be — there may be an app.

I’m still late to work through… (I’m South African- we leave out words when we like… This just means I’m late and couldn’t be bothered to add an auxiliary verb and some sort of conjunctive phrase then serve it to you- you’ll catch on.)

Your mind could slip and fall at the thought that maybe your 15 new apps, loaded in the past week- all holding your trusty, tried-and-trusted Alarm Clock feature hostage. In a sort of simulacrum — a fake world, where apps are students in school, and the alarm clock is the leader of the School Band. You can guess what happens next. What you can’t guess is why older systems that work and simply — are no longer finding a share of voice in your head.

Archetypal and reductive maybe, but apps sell themselves on “Cool” whether we like to admit it or not. And all, without fail, try to be simpler and than their competitors. And in school, the mean kids always come to play…

And what do we now know about the concept of “Cool”… kids? Hm?


And whether we like it or not a major sell-point for successful apps is a cool factor.

Many are currently seeking the wild, wild, west we call the internet for answers to conundrums around financial prosperity. Ultimately the frustration of setting up anything online these days doesn’t come without one’s fair share of clumsiness around the topic of App-Download & Use. And my personal fave: App Tutorials.

Lazy to learn? Oh, not at all.

In fact, here’s my <div class=”LI-profile-badge” data-version=”v1" data-size=”medium” data-locale=”en_US” data-type=”horizontal” data-theme=”dark” data-vanity=”linden-mahali-120751162"><a class=”LI-simple-link” href=’>Linden Mahali</a></div>

And you might be just as hard-working and even more so. And that’s alright too! It still doesn’t take away the perception that modern app development is at a faster pace than most of us would like, and the coded apps we create may just be framing us, humans, as “lazy”… even if do make time to consume the full tutorial mix available. Acquiring new skills around trends, social analytics updates and overall algorithm “takedown” has become a never-ending skill in my industry. And by virtue of spill-over…into the Entrepreneurial space.

I have to be adept at it in order to consult…and well. You as a business owner have to self-create as much as possible Online, in order to save money and give your business the start it needs and deserves. However, while it may seem as I betray what is arguably a modern mainstay in any effective marketeer’s arsenal- that of “app” when I say: Some of us want the free space on our phones back. This article serves only to shed some light on the possible insensitivities that “quick-to-download” attitudes bring when one considers HOW many apps it takes to WIN these days. It does not, however, take away the value and positive impact of apps in our lives. It just merely states “…when you actually keep up” and highlights in Part 2 — the costs around that.

I salute the Marketing fraternity for taking charge, in our own way… you know during these “P” days…

p..pan..demic…shhhhh…days. People are sick of the word. Only because it reminds them of some form of loss — money, death-of-loved ones or simply free space in one’s head from current journalism.

However, one need only Google, too see the latest articles on how digital is transforming our access to… well…LIFE.

Apps and their icons. The packaging speaks volumes:

rounded edges = ”friendly”,

language = “cool and simple”

one image =“know me, I will help you”

quick set-up = “see that wasn't so bad”

colourful =“sweeties for adults. Heehee!’re so busy I have to attract you like an 8-year old, shame”

Helping our publics in securing a more stable footing for their constituencies during these very uncertain times — has never been more attributed to strong qualitative brand management than anything else. I feel this is largely in part due to marketing's leaning towards communicating strong and positive testimonials and other trust-making mechanics and treating the employment of these as tantamount in the social-media timelines of customers.

As a producer and creator, I have never been prouder to be a marketing professional. Nurses are dealing with patients… And Brands & Enterprises needing to the Covid mayhem — are all having some form of “update” (yes… it is a pun…breathe) be it to reach new audiences or to tweak for the times even as you read this. We are inundated with the surge of apps and the learning around them. Happily so. This allows us to bring value… to you. But, if you’re at home, at not necessarily a big business, Brand Intelligence and Communications brings with its promise of being a precise art form…the revelation and emotional loss associated with budget. Is there an app for that?

More companies and soft-tech manufacturers are serving FREE TRIALS as access to entry for any software you may like. Simple right?

Well, no. Once you have access. And as you build your business; more often than not the FREE package that lured you in, now needs you to upgrade your subscription. Simple right? Sure, if you have the funds.

The once cute, cuddly app, that you loaded 3 weeks ago now has, as only a Gremlin can — morphed into a major side-hustle needing you to have daily inputs if you are to keep it HAPPY.

Simple Right? Maybe.

Just one problem. Gremlins multiply if you add water. And our apps often don’t do it all. Yet they take time in our lives and space in our heads as if they do. Let’s be real.

You’re only saving time with apps. And not just for business. I am talking about Life itself and how it collides with business. There’s a hack for ya!

I am here to tell you, that if you play your cards right… your personal life is headed into becoming your work life. It’s how you get to: “It doesn’t even FEEL like work”. .

We now know that it’s ONLY in school, where can actually take over, and hold the poor “fat” girl hostage for 5 years. We all now in 2021 know she doesn’t win at life eventually; right? Only in school does the star athlete win consistently, even when they aren’t supposed to? Alleged…ly.

Na-a… We now know facts! People are all insecure and looking for higher ground is the ultimate mortal conquest — we call LIFE. And apps will help us betray any ill-karma from our high school days… We like to think.

We simply cannot afford to lose when “machines” (and by that I mean “pieces of code”) are running our lives for us. Surely?

UNDERSTANDING Technology at the HUMAN level is going to be fundamental to the writing that we do at VARIATE INNOVA… though it may sound oxymoronic at this stage. I want to see how apps are challenging the bridge between what is a science (app-making vs HUMAN FUTURES) and a right-brain-led and empath-skill — that of Art & Media-making.


Here’s the spanner though… Let’s ask Google what our dilemma is shall we…

Ah yes. Clearer? Landing wrong.

Just the words… “Landing Wrong”.

Those two words not only phonically sound good when you say them … the very idea can’t inspire confidence. But if you say them — they do in fact like a thunderous title to a best-seller. Or a movie about finding Resilience at a time of hopelessness. Cue Meryl. Cue Oscars… Cue Dresses. Cue Wendy. Cue Me.

I believe, the individual is key to understanding HOW we optimise the apps we use for Sales success. This is foundational to the work we do within my businesses. I am blessed to have found a team that understands HOW personality is KEY to the SALES and DIGITAL CONTENT we are putting out today. And how in the vastness of the app-Universe — we select the correct digital process that links the client-as-individual to the correct behaviours & attitudes needed in the marketing mix, from adaptive and intuitive apps.

Even if it’s making 2 apps talk to one another without being overwhelmed by it all.

The result is a new way of approaching your marketing for your corporate brand or personal start-up.

Some resources to get you started:

— Will show you 10 of the best app strategies.


Learn about what’s out there. Be in charge of your strategic process when using or selecting the visionary playing field of your apps.

Just the thought is a shocker:

I’m creating a world using apps. Posting my life and/or curating your business, charging ahead — self and team… Or simply at night creating a second income. Have I considered, that even though you are working well with your apps and achieving the results you want… Maybe… JUST…. MAYBE…there is someone who has already done this? That is picked up what it is I want to achieve, and they have already created an app that yields me those metrics at base1? Should my app or digital project start at Base 2 to save time?


Making the wrong choices, especially paid-for ones in the critical establishment phase of any business could result in limiting your chances of reaching your audiences and customers effectively and with the cavalier rectitude, it takes to WIN if not survive our times. Wait, there’s an app for that, right? How to survive in business?

Build a strong app footing. Apps bring with them the promise that you are in-check, en-route, on-time, still-fleek, and my favourite… we-still-care-about-you. If we are to win, you

It’s all about perspective and making gains from the gaps in your life. Like passing the idiots in traffic- that can’t drive! And obviously can’t be saved from stupidity! All may as well be wearing full regalia from Sesame Street. Blurgh!

Seek out apps that add value to you NOW, are needed now, and most importantly, they have a great affiliate programme should you decide to recommend them to others. So you earn as you are harassed by your apps.

I help people find these gaps. Gaps that make them unique in the ONLINE space. So unique in fact, some say they feel like they have no competitors- aliens on the web. I can hear it now:

There are many like me. We come in pieces… Burdened by the app-wars taking place between 2021’s tech manufacturers.

We are your sifters. Take me to your leaders!

UNDERSTANDING Technology at the HUMAN level is going to be fundamental to the writing that we do at VARIATE INNOVA. I want to see how apps are challenging the bridge between what is a science (app-making vs HUMAN FUTURES) and a right-brain-led and empath-skill — that of Art & Media-making.


My resume and all my channels (social and otherwise) are testament to getting it done — And I now KNOW the apps I have selected and WHY. You should too.

On one hand, you have the person who stays abreast with trends and uses an app because an agency or article recommended it…or it has worked in the past.

On the other hand, you have someone who is creating a powerful story of Self online and leveraging apps to do it.

Which, in the current POP-climate would thrive? And more importantly- which are you?

TODAY helps us sense the answer. Apps may even give us a framework in which to create and work. What is certain, is that apps force the human confrontation point whether we like it or not. Either in each other. Or internally- self-to-self. They ask: “There are millions of people using me, how do YOU intend to ASK that I add value in YOUR LIFE”.

How? “Kindly enter your response here. An email will be sent to you verifying your answer”

Until then, breathe… stay calm. Maintain your health and nerves. I’m pretty sure there’s an app for that.



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